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1 Introduction
1.1 What is Golden Inventory System?
1.2 How to begin?
1.3 System Requirements
1.4 Installation
2 Main Menu
2.1 New Database
2.2 Open Database
2.3 Backup
2.4 Restore
2.5 Page Setup
2.6 Forms Font
2.7 Main Form Options
2.8 Send
2.9 Report Wizard
2.10 Security
2.11 Import from Silver,Executive, Bronze
3 Company&Locations
3.1 Set up Your Company?
3.2 Company Address
3.3 Email address
3.4 Other settings
3.5 Locations
4 Vendors
4.1 Vendors List
4.2 New Vendor
5 Purchase Orders
5.1 Purchase Orders List
5.2 New Purchase Order
5.3 Edit Purchase Order
6 Receiving
6.1 Item Receipts List
6.2 New Item Receipt
6.3 Edit Item Receipt
7 Customers
7.1 Customers List
7.2 New Customer
8 Sale Orders, Estimates
8.1 Sale Orders List
8.2 New Sale Order
8.3 Edit Sale Order
8.4 Estimate
9 Invoices
9.1 Invoices List
9.2 New Invoice
9.3 Edit Invoice
10 Sales Receipts
10.1 New Sales Receipts
11 Point of Sale
11.1 Point of Sale Options
11.2 Point of Sale Panel
12 Work Orders
12.1 New Work Orders
13 Items
13.1 Items List
13.2 New Item
14 Transfer Order
14.1 New Transfer Order
15 Payments
15.1 Payments List
15.2 New Payment
15.3 Edit Payment
16 RMA tickets
16.1 RMA list
16.2 RMA ticket
17 Adjust inventory
17.1 Adjustment list
17.2 New Adjustment
18 Currencies
18.1 Currency list
18.2 New Currency
19 Overview
19.1 Inventory to Reorder
19.2 Bills to Pay
19.3 Unclosed Sales Orders
19.4 Unpaid Invoices
20 Export and import
20.1 CSV files
20.2 Excel files
20.3 QuickBooks
20.4 XML

New Vendor

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To create new vendor click "New Vendor" on the main Menu or button "New" on the Vendors list form.



 Vendor Name    

In this field you must enter the vendor name. This field is a alphanumeric field. You can enter letters and numbers. Each vendor has unique name and the system will not allow to enter two identical vendor name.

Company name

You must enter a vendor company name. This name will be used on the purchase orders, receiving lists and payments. Number and name are enough for creation of the new vendor.


The field "Type" is used for classification of the vendors. You can sort and apply a filter by "Type" in the Vendors list . The field "Type" can be used in the report wizard.

Payment Terms

This Payment term will appear every time you create the new purchase order.

Billing and Shipping Address

The billing address is where you should send purchase orders to. The shipping address is where you ship products to. These addresses will appear on the top of your purchase orders. You can use a button "=>" for copying billing addresses into the shipping address.



In the field E-Mail you must enter the e-mail address of this vendor. That allows you to send by e-mail the purchase orders. If you click the button "E-mail", it can send the letter immediately from this form.


This Salesperson will appear every time you create the new purchase order.


This option allows you to setup this vendor as inactive. If you try to do a purchase order for this vendor, the system will warn you that the vendor on inactive status.


You can have several contracts with one vendor. Click checkbox and set the contract parameters: Parent Vendor,Status,Start Date, Projected Ended,Description, Type.



To enter any special notes about a vendor.


My Company Inventory database


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