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1 Introduction
1.1 What is Golden Inventory System?
1.2 How to begin?
1.3 System Requirements
1.4 Installation
2 Main Menu
2.1 New Database
2.2 Open Database
2.3 Backup
2.4 Restore
2.5 Page Setup
2.6 Forms Font
2.7 Main Form Options
2.8 Send
2.9 Report Wizard
2.10 Security
2.11 Import from Silver,Executive, Bronze
3 Company&Locations
3.1 Set up Your Company?
3.2 Company Address
3.3 Email address
3.4 Other settings
3.5 Locations
4 Vendors
4.1 Vendors List
4.2 New Vendor
5 Purchase Orders
5.1 Purchase Orders List
5.2 New Purchase Order
5.3 Edit Purchase Order
6 Receiving
6.1 Item Receipts List
6.2 New Item Receipt
6.3 Edit Item Receipt
7 Customers
7.1 Customers List
7.2 New Customer
8 Sale Orders, Estimates
8.1 Sale Orders List
8.2 New Sale Order
8.3 Edit Sale Order
8.4 Estimate
9 Invoices
9.1 Invoices List
9.2 New Invoice
9.3 Edit Invoice
10 Sales Receipts
10.1 New Sales Receipts
11 Point of Sale
11.1 Point of Sale Options
11.2 Point of Sale Panel
12 Work Orders
12.1 New Work Orders
13 Items
13.1 Items List
13.2 New Item
14 Transfer Order
14.1 New Transfer Order
15 Payments
15.1 Payments List
15.2 New Payment
15.3 Edit Payment
16 RMA tickets
16.1 RMA list
16.2 RMA ticket
17 Adjust inventory
17.1 Adjustment list
17.2 New Adjustment
18 Currencies
18.1 Currency list
18.2 New Currency
19 Overview
19.1 Inventory to Reorder
19.2 Bills to Pay
19.3 Unclosed Sales Orders
19.4 Unpaid Invoices
20 Export and import
20.1 CSV files
20.2 Excel files
20.3 QuickBooks
20.4 XML

Invoices List

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Invoice list Inventorry databas

The Invoices List Form allows to manage creating, editing, deleting, sorting, filtering invoices . You can get to the Invoices List by selecting the Lists Menu from the Main Form or clicking on the button "Invoices".




If you want to add a new sale invoice, click on the button "New"(or Invoices Menu item "New") and fill the appeared Invoice form.


If you want to edit a invoice features, click on the button "Edit"(or Invoices Menu item "Edit" or double click on the Invoice row) and edit fields in the appeared Invoice form.


If you want to delete a invoice, click on the button "Delete"(or Invoices Menu item "Delete") and confirm your wish to delete. You can't delete the Invoice, if you have payment by this sale invoice.


If you want to find the a sale invoice by number, customer , total or balance, click on the button "Find"(or Invoices Menu item "Find") and enter what you want to find in appeared dialog box.

This function searches for concurrence to any part of all list fields.

Print List

To print Invoices list click on the button "Print List"(or View Menu item "Print List").


If you want to show on a screen only part of the Invoices list click on the button "Filter"(or View Menu item "Filter") and enter what you want to select in the appeared dialog box.

Pay attention after filtration on the button "Filter" to be highlighted by green light.

  Select for print and Print selected    

You can select in the list any number of the documents, pressing the button "Select for print" or keeping the key "Ctrl" with clicking mouse on the extreme left column of the list. Then press the button "Print selected" and you will see the preview window. For printing press button "Print".


It is possible to see the balance, number of the last invoice and your payment of current       vendor having clicked on the button "Balance" (or Invoices Menu item "Customer Balance").


Call of Help.


Close Invoices List .


You can sort the list for any field having clicked the mouse on title of field .

The Invoices List form may be called from Payment form having clicked on the buttons "Invoice" . You can select the Invoice by a double click of the left mouse button on the Invoice row or click on the button "Select"

You can use hot keys for fast launch of the functions: F1-Help, F2 - New, F3-Print selected, F4- Edit, F5- select, F6- Filter, F7- Find, F8-Delete.



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