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Control your business using the Universal Project Manager

Free download project management software — UniProjectMan 1.1

UniProjectMan is a complete project and customer relation management system for control any business or home work. You will be able to plan and track as simple as complex projects. Manage your customers and vendors,import emails, parse sales orders, post news using built-in email sender. This system will help you in creation of detailed project schedule, Gantt charts, budget control sheet, resouce planning, inventory control, individual calendar of events, document control, customer and vendor relation management. You can use UniProjectMan as desktop application as web based system at your web server.This progham is unique in that it provides full tracking of project expenditures and jobs, materials and money in your company. After entering information, you can now take advantage of features such as

   - simple intuitive interface.
      - columns for estimate and actual job, material and money transactions.
      - document control, assign document to project, task, company and person
      - automatically calculation expenditures for each task and project.
      - import email from msg and eml files, parse email orders, for example from RegSoft,       Shareit and other resellers.
      - material time sheet, you'll see beforehand that material is absent on your warehouse.
      - money time sheet,planning and tracking of your cashflow.
      - program works as with desktop databse as with web based database.

project management software
UniProjectman Calendar

      - UniProjectMan is a multi-user system .
      - any amount subprojects and tasks for each project.
      - job time sheet.
      - inventory control of materials.
      - printing schedules , Gantt charts and Time sheets.
      - imports information from Outlook.
      - posting newsletters by categories.
      - plan of supply materials for each project.
How to begin?
UniProjectMan is a project management system that allows you to oversee and manage the progress throughout the life cycle of a project. Project software comes in handy when trying to control large projects.

First of all,you have to create a new database by clicking the File Menu. Select New Database. This database can be created on own computer or any network computer. If you work with the several companies then create a database for each company. Connect to new database using menu item File-Connect-Local Database. The UniProjectMan is ready to execute all its features as mentioned earlier. You may want to transfer and existing database information or be imported from Outlook into your newly created database. Use menu items "Import Contacts from Outlook","Import Tasks from Outlook" ,"Import Calendar from Outlook" and "Import Document from Emails".You can import emails as from Outlook as from msg and eml files. Program will add the new persons, companies and parse orders in process of import.

project management database

Enter your first project
You should click on the button "Projects" then click the button "New" on the toolbar and enter all the required information.You can split your project on several subproject. Create some new projects with option Parent Project.

Project management software
Project List

Project management software

You have to do with companies,persons, materials and money when realizing project. Open the Person panel and add new category "Staff" at the left side and then add all your workers at right side using button "New".

Project software
Person List

Project management software

Open the Material panel and add new several items in this table.To insert your new or existing products from your warerehouse click on the button New and enter the details accordingly.If you have initial stock of the material use the tab "Material receiving and shipping". Enter amount of product in the column "Actual" and price of the product in the column "Act.Price". Add one or more money accounts in the Money table. You can set account currency and enter current balance using Company transactions tab.

Project management software

Project software
Material receiving

You can add some companies at the table Companies. Create two categories for Company table "Vendors" and "Customers" and enter some companies.To insert your vendors or customers, select Companies button and click on the button New and enter information in a dialog form.

project management software

UniProjectMan is multi-user system.You can improve team productivity and communications between all team members.Click on the button Users enter login "admin" and password "12345" and open list of users. Add new user and select Status "User". Set Access permissions using check boxes at the foot of the form. Assign person for this user in the field Person.

Project management software

After you have determined the resources involved in your project and subprojects you can organize it into tasks. Open the Task table and create several new tasks. Assign the project for each task using drop down list in the field Project. Set Start and Finish date for task and assign perfomers at the tab "Job".You can enter estimate shedule in the column Estimate.You define a time period work hours and hourly rate.You can create any category and type for task table and select your as by categories as by types as by projects and time.

project management software

If you plan use mateial in your task you select tab Material and add need materials with delivery schedule at the column Estimate.If your task demands money transactions you have to these at the tabs "Company transactions" and "Person payments". You can define Accounts, Date , Estimate Amount, Company or Person.

project management software
Job for task

project management software
Material for Task

Task relationships
UniProjectMan uses many types of task relationships, such as links that show one task starting as another finishes. Program automatically determines the start and finish dates for tasks that have dependencies to other tasks. You can create a link between task using Predecessors table.

project management software

UniProjectMan creates schedules for staff, materials and money transactions. When you have completed the planning process you can see the schedules at the Persons,Materials and Money panels if you click on the button "Time sheet". And Gantt chart at the Task and Project panels.

project management software
Job time sheet

project management software
Material schedule

project management software
Task Gantt chart

Estimate and Actual
When you plan you project you use fields Estimate for planned values of materials,job amd money. When you manage a project, you need to monitor all elements of the project: staff, materials,money,document and scope. You use fields Actual for tracking real work hours and expenses.

Estimate planning

Project software
Actual actions

You use different documents in your work: letters, emails, orders,invoices and other.You can track all your documents in the UniProjectMan and define category,company,type and project for each document.Check well-timed answers and performance. You will be able to create newsletters using build-in email sender.Program has the powerful parser for import email orders from your resellers.

Project management software

Inventory management software
Email sender

Each form has the button Print report. You can print any information about your projects and tasks.

Project management software

Inventory software
Print of Task List