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Sales Receipt ,POS

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You use a Sales Receipt if your customer pay in full at the time they receive your service or product.You don't have to track how much they owe you.But you will be able to track each sale, calculate its sales tax, and print a receipt for the sale. If customers pay in advance, either in part or in full, you should use a invoice and payment from customer.

Click on the button "Create New: Sales Receipt" on the main form or button "New" on the Sales Receipts list form.

In the field Number enter the Receipt number or use the default number.Each Sales Receipt has the unique number.

If necessary enter the customer name or job.Select a Template for printing

In the detail area, enter the line items.Click on the button "Save" and then print Sales Receipt using button "Print"






The second way of creation Sales Receipts  is using the Point of Sale panel . You can run the POS panel using the button Create New: Point of Sale or button POS on the Sales Receipt toolbar. First of all, select a Department then press Enter and find a selling product in the Item List. Click the button Enter and add product to the Sales Receipt.You can use key Enter for addition and button Minus for subtraction of the items. If you want to edit the receipt you select  a row and press Enter or make mouse double click. After creating the receipt you should click the button Print Receipt or use key combination Alt+R. Then enter a customers' payment  and press Enter..



If you use a bar code scanner click on the button Enter by code and you will be able scan bar code labels and fill out your sales receipts automatically