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Golden Web Inventory System uses Work Orders for tracking manufacture and creating of assemblies and kits.




Click the Work Order button in the left toolbar . You enter a new assembly product created in your company, components, date , quantity used on the Work Order form . You can create the new work order from a previous saved Component list  (or Bill of Materials). You will be prompted if the product isn't enough in your warehouse. Click the Save button and print the Work Order. GWIS will decrease on hand amount of components entered in the Work Order and increase amount of assembly product. All your staff know available product- for-sale inventory at all times.


To call the form for creation of a new work order click  the button Create new: Work Order on the main menu or the button New on the Work Order list form.





In the field Number you must enter the Work Order number. This field is a alphanumeric field. You can enter letters and numbers. The system will automatically increment the number each time you create a new order or you will enter them manually. Each Invoice has an unique  number and the system will not allow to enter two identical numbers.


You must select a date from the calendar which will appear after click on the field Date.

Assembly product

You should select an Inventory assembly  from drop down list or enter a  new name of  product manually.


You enter here quantity of the Assembly product.


You write here a price of the Assembly product

Serial #

If necessary, you can reference serial number of the Assembly product in this field.


If you create the assembly for a customer job select it from drop down list.


You can enter here any additional information concerning this invoice.

Order Items

Click the button "Product" and select a component from product list.  You can simply type Product Code in the column Item and press Enter. If this product code exists, system  will automatically fill out the fields "Description" and "Unit Price" . If this product code doesn't exist, you must enter description, unit price, quantity, tax and after clicking "Save" button system add this product in the Product List.Besides, you can use any bar code reader that is translated and entered directly into the keyboard buffer as regular text.You'll see the warning message if you enter in the work order a product with zero or small on hand quantity in the warehouse.You have a possibility to find any product in the big order using the button "Find".

You can delete an unnecessary item if establish on it the pointer and click the button "Delete".



The field Comment  allows you to enter any Invoice comments.



Here you can do a note about condition of this Invoice.



The field"Group" is used for classification of the Work Order . You can sort and apply a filter by "Group" in the Work Orders list and reports.

Assembly Location

You may indicate where you locate the Assembly product.


You can select status of your Order : Approved ,Waiting for planned transaction and Canceled.


Item Location

You can define  a warehouse for  the assembly's components.





New row,Insert

Adds (or Inserts) a  new row in the component table.



Calls the drop down Product List form .



You may find any product amongst already entered items.



You can delete any unnecessary component if you establish the pointer on it and click the button "Delete".



When you click the button " Options " , you can change any caption of the Work Order. This Options form allows to adjust the screen form in any kind, appropriate for you.



You can run the Template Editor for  editing of the  Work Order printing template. You can edit the order template using your mouse and toolbar buttons. You can click the toolbar buttons "Line","Frame","Image", "Text" or "Data" and paint with the mouse different elements. You may use the right mouse button and menu items also. You must save the template  after editing. You can create several  templates for printing of work orders.   Select the appropriate template  from drop down list on the work order form  before printing.



Use this button for  printing the Work Order.



Any modifications made in the Work Order will be saved only in case if you click this button.



This button closes the Work Order form. If you want to save all modifications made in the form before closing the form, you have to click the  button  Save. If you want to leave  form without saving  click on this button.