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You can set for each you inventory the minimum and target quantity on the warehouse.The program will automatically define the product list with minimum stocks. If you select the menu row Overview in the Action panel you'll see this list as "Inventory to Reorder". Select any item and click the button "Create PO". Inventory system will create a Purchase Order with all products received from a Vendor of the selecting item. Program calculate the reorder quantity using target quantity for each product


You may see your debts to vendors on the table "Bills to Pay" at the Overview panel. Program collects all unpaid Item Receipts from Receiving section


When you create Sales Order you allocate products for customers.If you don't ship product to your customer Sales Order is unclosed.The table "Unclosed Sales Orders" will be remind you about such orders.


The table "Unpaid Invoices" contains all shipped but unpaid invoices. You can check debts of your customers