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Import and export functions

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You can import data using the menu item "Import" only for Customer, Vendor and Products from  Excel or csv files with any structure . At first indicate a source file and then in the opened table select approaching fields having clicked on the grid header. Each Excel file must contain a column with unique numbers of the customers or vendors or products.During the import process the GoInSy looks for unique number values. These records are then imported into the GoInSy database. If the unique value already exists, it skips that record so that you do not get duplicates.


You can connect to the QuickBooks database and import from Items,Customers,Vendors,Item Receipts, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts and other tables. And you can imort these tables from GoInSy to the QuickBooks.


You can save any Invoice,Item Receipt, Purchase Order,Sales Order and Estimate as XML file. Then you can import these XML files in appropriate documents at other system. System allows create invoice from invoice or purchase order XML files and create Item Receipt from XML  Invoice from other Golden Web Inventory system. You may synchronize several inventory program using the XML import and export functions.