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Our software are distributed as trial.You can download a free evaluation version of Automatic Teacher The Evaluation version can not complete work with dictionary database having more then 150 records.You can try all possibilities of the software and try study Spanish some time.
When you register, you will receive the latest registered version of the Automatic Teacher, FREE technical support, notice of product upgrades. Registration of A-Teacher has never been easier or more convenient for you. You only download additional files to get up and running with your new software. This does require that you have an existing evaluation version of the A-Teacher software on your computer, which can then be registered. If you wish to purchase and do not yet have our evaluation version, please see our download page.

If you want to convert your evaluation version to the Registered edition,please do the following:

  • Purchase a Registration key from the following website:
  • www.emetrix.com
  • Download additional file from our website. We'll send you special link.
  • Enter Your Name and Registration Key in Registration form.
  • Click on the Registration button.

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Price of the Automatic Teacher 1.2 is $49

  • Save time Automatic Teacher helps you to learn foreign language without additional expenseses of time using short breaks in your main work
  • Save money There is no need to pay a teacher for each hour
  • You study language each day but are not distracted from your work. What you wanted always.

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