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How to begin?

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      First of all, you have to create a new database by clicking the File Menu. Select New Database file and enter a name of your database file.For example,"myinventory.idb". This database can be created on own computer or any network computer.If you work with the several companies then create  databases for each company.



   After creation the database, the inventory system is ready to function all its features as mentioned earlier. 


In the second place , set up your company options. Use the menu File-Company options:



.Enter tha name of your company, billing,shipping and email address, smtp server and login information for sending your documents via email.



Then you can add your usual vendors in the inventory database. Click the button Create New:Vendor and enter information in the Vendor Edit form.



If you want to add some your customers click the button Create New: Customer  and enter the details accordingly. 


You have to insert information about your existing products in the inventory database. Click the button Create New: Product  and fill out the Item edit  form. Enter data in  the fields Item Code , Invoice description and Sales price. If you use bar codes for your products you  can fill out the field Bar Code also.




If you need to enter on hand amount for your products on  warehouse you have to create an  initial Item Receipt with all existing items.  Click the button Create New: Receiving  and fill out  the Item Receipt. Select from the drop down Product list appropriate item and enter a real "on hand" amount in the column Quantity. Click  the button  Save when you finish the Item Receipt.





You may  transfer  existing inventory information  from  csv (comma-separated-value), Excel files or from QuickBooks into your newly created database using the menu Products-Import from Excel(csv,QuickBooks) at the Lists:Items panel.



After creation the initial Item Receipt you will be able to check the stock level in the list of Items.






From this point you will be able to track your inventory operations.


After submitting a customers' inquiry, you  print the Estimate or send it via email.



This operation doesn't change the status of your  items. You only inform of the customer about your current prices.


sales order is a customer’s binding request to your company to deliver a specific quantity of products.

If you want to allocate several items for your customer you  create  the new Sales Order.

 You enter products requested by customers and save the order. Then you can print and send the Sales Order via email to  your customer.




Program doesn't change the on hand amount  if  the Sales order was created. Upon issuing the Sales Order the program only increase Allocated value in the Item list.  



Probably, you don't see the column Allocation in the Item list. Click on the button View Options and set check box for column Allocated on the  Product List options form.




If your customer receives products from your warehouse you have to create a new Invoice . Click on the button Create New: Invoice and fill out the Invoice Edit form manually  or load information from existing Sales Order using the small button near the appropriate field.



The Golden Web Inventory System decreases the on hand amount of products if  the Invoice was saved. It is immediately displayed on the Items screen in the column On Hand.You'll see how many of items you have in your warehouse.