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The Golden Web Inventory is multi-currencies system. You can select any currency for new Invoice,Sales or Purchase Order and Receipt using drop down list ofCurrency. If you want add a new currency use left menu Lists-Currencies. You have to enter a current exchange rate in appropriate field. The first currency using as home currency and you define exchange rate for the home currency. System uses the home currency for item prices and reports.

The Currency list allows to manage creating, editing, deleting, sorting, filtering currencies . You can get to the Currency by  clicking  the row "Currencies" in the left menu List.









To add of a new currency click on the button "New" at the Currency list form.


Currency Name

  Full name  of currency


Currency  Code

 Short name of currency : USD, EUR, CAD . System uses this code in the drop down Currency list.


Currency symbol

Currency symbol for printing total amount.


Exchange rate

Default exchange rate.You have to enter a real current exchange rate when your create invoice or order.


Symbol position

Define position of currency symbol.